The WOman Project

Sunday, 13 September 2015
Grand Hall Slovene National Theatre Maribor at 19:30


Satu Vänskä - project author
Matjaž Latin - co-director
Aljaž Zupančič - dramaturgical co-author and author of texts

Satu Vänskä - lead and solo violin
Richard Tognetti - lead and solo violin

Tadeja Vulc - conductress


Meow Meow - vocal
Nika Gorič - soprano
Ilonka Pucihar - piano

String Ensemble of the Maribor Music and Ballet Secondary Conservatory
Peter Kuhar - mentor 

Allcomb d.o.o. - video
Danilo Ženko - Sound engineer


Program to include works by:

Elaine Radigue: Transamoren Transmortem
Kaija Saariaho: de la Terre for violin and electronics (excerpt)
Wendy Carlos: Funeral of Queen Mary (recording)
Barbara Strozzi: Three Graces, Op. One 
Fanny Mendelssohn: Twelve Songs, Op. 8, No.3: ´Italy´ 
Frederick Hollander: Wenn ich Mir was wünschen dürfte 
Kurt Weill: Surabaya Johnny (from Happy End)
Germaine Tailleferre: Image for flute, clarinet, celesta, piano and string quartet
Gustav Mahler: Adagietto from Symphony No. 5
Ruth Crawford Seeger: Andante from String quartet
Antonio Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in A Minor, RV 356 (excerpt)
Philip Glass: String Quartet No. 2 'Company' (excerpt) 
Lalo Schifrin: Mission Impossible
Wendy Carlos: Switched-On Bach (recording)
P. I. Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings in C Major, Op. 48 (2. movement – Valse)
J. M. Beyer: Music of the Spheres (recording excerpt) 
Lili Boulanger: D’un Soir Triste
Clara Schumann: Pieces fugitives No. 1 Larghetto in F Major
Fanny Mendelssohn: September: At the River, from The Year
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Batti batti o bel Masetto (from Don Giovanni)
Erwin Schulhoff: Sonata Erotica for female voice solo
Hildegard von Bingen: O frondens virga, Antiphona
Galina Ustvolskaya: Symphony No. 5,  Amen, for voice, oboe, trumpet, tuba, violin and percussion
Richard Strauss: Morgen! Op. 27 No. 4


"Man shall be trained for war and woman for the procreation of the warrior, anything else is folly";

These are the words of the great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. His extremely old‑fashioned and semi-feudal views on women are more or less passé today. The creation of music and performances are no longer a domain of men. The competition with male thinking patterns in the sense of “that musicians react differently when a man stands in front of them” and the ghettoization of women in the arts is obsolete. And yet...

Musical search for woman and womanhood characterises this year's multimedia event – one of Festival Maribor's most prominent features, which creates unique concert experiences by mixing concert performances with drama theatre and visual arts. According to tradition, this year's performance will again be provocative and experimental with the aim to reveal the visionary and provocative art and creativity of women. Designed by Satu Vänska, the WOman Project brings collaboration with the theatre director Matjaž Latin and dramaturge Aljaž Zupančič to the front.


The muse and the creator, the teacher and the patroness, the saint and the seductress, the mythical nemesis and the protector of fragile artistic souls – one way or another the image of the Woman will be reflected in the entire storyline of this performance.