Closing concert: Both

Friday, 18 September 2015

Balcony room, Union Hall at 18:30

Introducer: Aljaž Zupančič
Featuring: Nina Šenk, composer

Admission free


Closing concert: BOTH
Union Hall at 19:30

Richard Tognetti - conductor and solo violin

Nathan Braude - viola
Polina Leschenko - piano 

Nina Šenk: Chant for string orchestra
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra in E-flat major, K. 364 (320d)
Frédéric Chopin: Andante spianato and Grand Polonaise brillante for Piano and Orchestra in E flat Major, Op. 22
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, K 183/173dB ´Little G Minor Symphony´


In the concluding concert of this year's Maribor Festival we shall take a stroll through music history - mainly a men's world with no room for a female Mozart. Quite possibly the most obvious example in this regard is Mozart's sister Maria Ana, called Nannerl. A splendid pianist, composer and a favourite on concert stages throughout Europe, her carrier ended early at the age of 18 when her father Leopold decided that she was eligible for marriage. This can also be seen in the history of literature presented by Virginia Woolf. Her famous essay 'A Room of One's Own' portrays Shakespeare's imaginative sister Judith, who, while equally talented as her brother, never wrote a single line, because of social rules pushing her into invisibility and inaudibility. Should a woman wish to free herself, if she wishes to get rid of invisibility and inaudibility, she must fight for her own space. She thus requires a room of one's own. The internationally acclaimed Slovenian composer Nina Šenk very much agrees with Virginia Woolf. And today we can all agree with the continuation of the essay, where Woolf discuses a harmonious synthesis of contrasts or rather a "natural blend of female and male creativity" and further considers whether Both sexes make up the soul, their fusion enabling the highest creative harmony.

In coproduction with Narodni dom Maribor.