Matjaž Latin was born in Maribor and studied Theatre Direction at the Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb. He has directed approximately 50 performances, however, his work spans beyond theatre and includes film, television and aside from production also acting.

He has directed on virtually all Slovenian stages and he often also works in Croatia. Some of his most renowned performances in Slovenia include Murlin Murlo by Koljada (The Ljubljana City Theatre, 1998), Family Stories by Biljana Srbljanović (Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, 2000), Kvetch by Berkoff (Ptuj City Theatre, 2002), A Taste of Honey by Delaney (Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, 2006), The Titanic Orchestra by Boytchev (Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, 2009). He also directed in Split, Croatia, where he directed The Government Inspector by Gogol at the Croatian National Theatre in Split in 2005 as well as the black comedy Zozos by Manfridi at the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka in the same year. In 2002 he performed in the Slovenian feature film entitled Porno Film by Damjan Kozole and directed his own debut film entitled Kleščar, which created the unforgettable character of Dušan Vaupotič – Dule. 

He worked for the Maribor Theatre for the first time in 1996 when he directed a play by Kharms, he directed The Zoo Story by Albee in 1997 and Preizkus znanja (TN: Test) by Vresnik in 1999.

In 2001 he directed a very famous performance the Shopping and Fucking by Ravenhill, in 2013 he worked with the Maribor Drama on two occasions, namely by directing two one act performances Štefka/Milan by Tanja Viher and rokgre and later in September by directing the comedy The Happy Day or Matiček is Getting Married by Linhart at the opening of the renovated Old Hall (Stara dvorana). In 2008 he directed the one act performance All in The Timing by Ives, while his direction of That Obscure Object of Desire was also very well received.