The Academic Choir Maribor, Slovenia

Conductress Tadeja Vulc

The Academic Choir Maribor has been a singing section, part of the cultural association KUD Študent, since 1964. It is formed mainly by students committed to quality singing and friendship. The mixed choir is the primary bearer of youth culture in the city of Maribor and promotes Maribor, the region, as well as Slovenia, Slovenian music and authors internationally. Singers perform under the baton of Tadeja Vulc, a well-known and frequently awarded Slovenian female composer, who has been leading the choir with great success for three seasons. International competitions, from which the choir keeps returning with the highest awards, have been constant in their 51-year history. They concluded the past season with a gold plaque at the national competition Naša pesem, which reassured them, and gave further impetus to singers and the conductress. In addition to the overall 2nd place, the choir received a special award for the performance of a contemporary piece Epilog/Epilogue by Tadeja Vulc. The year 2014 brought them the Gallus plaque of the Public fund of Republic of Slovenia for cultural activities (JSKD), the recognition award for individuals or groups for work and engagement in individual areas of amateur culture.

This year’s international competition Gallus in Maribor was one step higher, the choir became the finalist of the competition for the Grand Prix of that competition and won the final 4th place as well as the award for the best Slovenian group of the competition, the audience award for the performance at the opening concert and the special award of The Panel of Slovene conductors for the most original concept with convincing performance at the opening concert.
They are also going to take part in the international competition Seghizzi in Italy in July, where they are going to compete for the first time and with many choirs from all around the world.
Their repertoire includes folk music and written compositions by the great masters of choral music from the early musical creation to the most modern works so each listener may find some small piece of music he especially likes. 


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