The Main Theme of the Festival Maribor 2015


Vibrant, exciting, interesting, creative...  These are just some of the adjectives commonly used by the critics describing Festival Maribor. And that's exactly what one can expect from its 2015 edition, which will take place from 8. – 18th September.

For the seventh time the festival is proud to announce collaboration with Richard Tognetti. With his innovative, fresh, even provocative but always deep, meaningful and meticulously thought-through programmes the Australian violin virtuoso and Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra has became a trademark of the festival, placing Maribor right at the centre of the European festival scene. In 2014 Maribor Festival, which also boasts a rare organisational structure built upon its in-house productions, was ranked among Europe's 10 best Art and Music Festivals. 

The central theme of this year's festival, which brings 10 concerts, is Woman. Muse and creator, lover and mother, saint and seductress, mythical nemesis and protector of fragile artistic souls – one way or another the image of woman will be reflected in each and every event of the festival.

The opening concert (8. 9., Union Hall) already offers intriguing insights into the fragile worlds of a woman's inner self. Conducted by Marko Letonja it brings the Émilie Suite by Kaija Saariaho. The Finnish composer - one of the world's most significant contemporary composers - is renowned for her subtle revealing of complex (female) inner universes. The suite, based on the opera by the same name, paints a tragic image of a woman's soul torn between the role of a mother and that of a scientist wanting to be remembered for her work.

Musical search for woman and womanhood of also marks this year's multimedia event, one of Festival Maribor's most prominent features, which creates unique concert experiences by mixing concert performances with drama theatre and visual arts. Designed by Satu Vänska The Woman Project (13. 9., Grand Hall, Slovene National Theatre Maribor) brings collaboration with theatre director Matjaž Latin and dramaturge Aljaž Zupančič.

An international line-up of musicians, such as the soprano Karen Vourc'h, violinist Satu Vänskä, violist Nathan Braude, pianists Jasminka Stančul and Polina Leschenko, theorbist and guitarist Axel Wolf and the festival's orchestra, which joins musicians from the Slovenian Philharmonic orchestra, the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Graz and Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestras and Symphony Orchestra of the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Maribor assure cross-pollination of various creative approaches, which also became festival's tradition. Adding a touch of exotic we are proud to announce the Australian Arabic oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadrosas for a touch of (real or mock) eroticism we proudly present the international renown actress, singer and cabaret performer, Meow Meow

Every year the festival dedicates its attention to promoting the Slovenian music and musicians, which is represented by organist Tomaž Sevšek, cellist Jaka Stadler and pianist Jaka Pucihar as well as two Slovenian composers Nina Šenk and Nana Forte.

Among the international collaborations we are happy to announce a co-production with Musikabende Graz, which takes Festival Maribor to the Styrian capital (15. 9.).

As the festival's main co-producer Narodni dom Maribor has to be mentioned, as well as the Slovene National Theatre Maribor, which co-produces a concert with Tara Simončič, American conductor of Slovenian origin.

Festival Maribor 2015 is ready to be discovered! The unveiling of a mystery named Woman begins on September 8th at 7.30 p.m. in Union Hall. See you there!