How has music developed from Baroque to today’s pop and rock music? The four cello ensemble shall do its best to answer this question thoroughly. The moderator of the event – Jure Ivanušič – will also try to answer this question in an entertaining and educating manner with the active cooperation of the audience.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014
Event Hall of the Maribor Prison

Cellissimo – Compositions for 2–4 cellos

Performers: Gorazd Strlič, Nikolaj Sajko, Božo Šulić, Zsofi Klacsmann

Fragments from:
J. B. Barriere: Duo Sonate
L. Boccherini: Sonata
L. M. Škerjanc: Concertone
R. Matz: Quartet
H. Villa Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras No. 1
A. Piazzolla, S. Joplin, Apocalyptica

This event is free of charge. The Festival Behind Bars in cooperation with the Maribor Prison aims to affect the emotional development and the consciousness of prisoners in a positive way. This long lasting influence can be of vital importance after the release of prisoners back into society.