The tenor Bogdan Stopar was born in 1987 in Slovenj Gradec. He is currently enrolled in the fourth grade of the Conservatory Anton Martin Slomšek with his mentor the Professor Simona Raffanelli Krajnc Mag. Art. with whom he has worked in various projects. He performed as Tamino in the opera The Magic Flute, the witch in the opera Hansel and Gretel, Bastien in the opera Bastien and Bastienne, and the hare in the operetta 'Who is fear affraid of?' (Koga se strah boji?)

In 2012 he performed in the musical My Fair Lady as Colonel Pickering. In this year he became a member of the Opera Chorus of the Slovenian National Theatre Maribor with which he performed in the operas Aida and L'italiana in Algeri. He is currently practising to perform in the opera Carmen in June in Japan.



Impressions from the History of Music and Culinary Arts in Maribor